Clear Quartz Long Pendant with Faceted Pyrite and Howlite Turqouise on Black Leather Matching Set


All items come with a 1/4 dram bottle of Lavender oil

Long Clear Quartz Pendant, with faceted Pyrite, lava and howlite turquoise bead, hung on a 42" Genuine Leather chord. Howlite turquoise, 8mm lava, crystal, faceted pyrite bracelet and Howlite turquoise, lava and crystal and faceted pyrite earrings.

LAVA contains energy from the volcano which promotes strength, courage and grounding qualities.

Clear Quartz Crystals clarifies thought processes and mental focus

Howlite turquoise teaches patience, absorbs anger and stimulates drive.

Pyrite instills confidence, ambition and perserverance.

All bracelets are size M measuring 7 1/4"- 7 1/2" If you would like a smaller or larger size please request at check out for no additional charge.

All items come with a 1/4 dram bottle of Lavender oil.

Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the porous lava beads to ignite the aromatherapy healing qualities of the stones for up to three days.

If these are all sold seperatly you would be spending $124 for you are getting a great deal with this matching set if purchased togeter!