We live in world of opposites, which is beginning to appear more apparent each and every day! It seems as if political correctness is at an all time low in most arenas. So instead of resigning ourselves to a hopeless fate, lets stand up for what is true, kind and right. In my opinion the one word that the world needs now is LOVE sweet LOVE… It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

Ever wonder what all this talk about Chakras is lately? Well we are here to give you the 101 on what they are and how you can better understand and balance. Our most popular Lava pieces are the chakra bracelets so here is what they are and how you can focus and balance them with our jewelry.

Aromatherapy is a booming business lately. With the chaos and speed that the world is moving through in our current society, most are reaching for tools to balance out the energy. This is why the benefits of aromatherapy are so valuable today. Jan Palmer, who has been designing jewelry for decades, saw the need and created this incredibly sensible line of lava jewelry. Cleverly naming it “Scentsible Jewelry”, which perfectly explains the practicality of this fashionable line.