Aromatherapy is a booming business lately. With the chaos and speed that the world is moving through in our current society, most are reaching for tools to balance out the energy. This is why the benefits of aromatherapy are so valuable today. Jan Palmer, who has been designing jewelry for decades, saw the need and created this incredibly sensible line of lava jewelry. Cleverly naming it “Scentsible Jewelry”, which perfectly explains the practicality of this fashionable line.

Lava Stone

Lava in and of itself has grounding qualities, but also serves as a porous surface that soaks up any of your favorite essential oils. This makes it so you can adorn yourself with a unique piece of jewelry, while also creating a little oasis of beautiful scents to carry you blissfully through your day.


Many of the pieces have charms that can help you show the world what you stand for and also serve as a reminder to you of what characteristics you want to offer to the world. Love, peace, courage, kindness, wisdom or strength are just some of the few defining symbols you can display on your wrist or neck. Some of the pieces have faceted gemstones that represent empowering and conscious qualities that each of us would be proud to represent. Layer the jewelry and make and even bigger impact on your day by displaying several symbols that represent your intention.

How To Use

Simply place a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the lava stone and enjoy your own private aromatherapy experience for up to 2 days. When the smell disappears you can place a new scent by applying it the same way. Necklaces and bracelets can be brought up to the nose so you can take nice deep breaths of the blissful scent of aromatherapy. It will instantly transport you to a calm place no matter where you are.


Each piece of jewelry comes with a small booklet that explains the meaning of the gemstones and a small vial of lavender oil. These make great gifts because they all come in an organza bag so you don’t even have to wrap it. So what are you waiting for? Breeze through our shop and find your special pieces today!